I believe each person has an intelligence they use to develop skills and expression that enhance their life path. Too often, obstacles block and distort these gifts, keeping us from living in love, accomplishments, and balance. 


The process of healing I use involves guiding, illuminating and opening to accelerate the process, to make more of the time you have, to facilitate a wider, more expansive experience in this life.


Whether dealing with emotional or physical issues, I am trained and have worked hard to facilitate wellness in others for over ten years. I take my work very seriously and consider it a great privilege to navigate the path to freedom and creativity with you. Energy-based healing is about understanding the root cause, examining experiences that make us who we are and illuminating the motives, the dysfunctional beliefs, and the blocks that keep you from an unhindered life.


The topics to treat are open-ended. Emotional and mental issues, relationship difficulties, fertility, stress, anxiety, fear, and feeling stuck or trapped - and many more can be successfully dealt with. The process of healing might involve one or a combination of healing modalities I do. One is Body/Emotion Code, explained on the page "How it Works". This modality focuses on removing past traumas and emotions.


The other method is called Graced. Graced treatment finds what is blocking the flow to one's goal; this could be career, health, relationship, self-awareness, etc.  The idea that we have something we want that is not yet materialised is addressed and those blocks removed. Through a series of questions answered via muscle testing, the log jams, the distortions, the reasons for imbalances are disintegrated. Flow means having a calm state of bliss and joy. You may experience this as a treatment or, in the future,  learn how to become a practitioner yourself! 

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My book, SpiderBite, is a true story based on my journey to find healing for my child. We traveled to the Apache reservation in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona where I, instead of my child, who found healing and an awakening. 

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