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Grethe Fremo-Bjørn

about GRACED, the book.


We are made of liquid crystal with the ability to transmit, amplify, and store information. Our experiences — or rather our reaction to our experiences — transform into a programmed storage systems via the fascia, an auditory and sensory communications network that links all parts of us to each other and beyond. Some believe that the brain and eyes are filled with liquid crystal providing the programming element of who we are. The secrets of water, crystals, and silica as communication systems are only now being taken seriously again. By again, I mean that now we have the capability to undeniably prove that ancient civilizations not only understood the power of these elements, but also used them to communicate.


This book is an exploration of the ancient healing practices just now being rediscovered and applied through technology, enabling us all to surpass the status quo of pharmacological philosophy. The multi-dimensional cross over of these ancient theories, protocols, and execution of treatments begs the question: how did isolated tribal communities around the world come to develop virtually the same healing methodologies despite vast distances from one another? Perhaps more importantly, why were these modalities discredited in the first place — how did we become separated from our understanding of the body’s connection with nature, instead coming to believe that man-made chemicals have more power to heal than what the earth produced for us organically?


My journey began during my own search for a healing modality able to define the characteristics of a body living within the highest and greatest version of itself. I grew weary of psycho-analysis that focused only on the problem and instead hungered to discover the ideal representation of body, mind, and spirit. What would the whole human look like, feel like, be like? The outcome of that search led me to Graced (, a non-invasive, drug-independent healing modality which can safely be practiced alone or in harmony with other methods of wellness.


Like Alice, I came to discover the depth of the rabbit hole, gaining more and more knowledge as I encountered countless healers, scientists, books and just an avalanche of upheavals against the traditional allopathic method. This book is a compilation of my discoveries. It is my hope that this work will one day become a multi-volume edition explaining all of the wonderful re-discoveries and their applications that are now happening around the world.


One of the first discoveries I made is actually a completely natural method that has no technological adaptation. It remains powerful in its natural state, reflecting to us our theories about radar, sonar, water, silica, sand, liquid crystal and a special spark of the unknown. To understand it, we need to  step into the Black Sea in Russia and Israel.

Midwife Igor Charkovsky has for decades arranged for waterbirths under the watchful eye of dolphins. As unlikely as it may seem, the dolphins help with the delivery of these human babies. When birthing time is near, the mothers enter the water where the dolphins scan the stomach within inches of their skin. It is thought they somehow use sonar to calm the nerves of both mother and child. Something else must be happening too, for all of the children born in this way are found to have perfect minds and bodies. In fact, they are consistently extraordinary children. From published research so far, not one of those babies has an IQ under 150 (genius level), and they all have extremely stable emotional bodies as well as strong physical bodies. They seem to be superior in one way or another.


“Water rearing of the children could have opened new perspectives in human evolution. Establishing telepathic contacts with the dolphins and their powerful bioenergy, relying on their help in birth, communication and friendship — that is the way to create a new man with a higher physical and probably even higher spiritual abilities (Charkovsky b). Thus the very important goal of waterbirth is a certain contribution to Human Evolution, that is, the creation of a New Generation of people, or as Charkovsky puts it, a ‘New Race.’” He says: “Prenatal training is not only important for physical exercising but it also helps to open the inner vision, the ‘third eye,’ that is the abilities, now called ‘para-normal’" (Akva: 16-17). In addition, "These abilities have to become a norm, but now they still look like something supernatural” (Akva: 27).


In the waterbirth community, it is commonly believed that waterbabies are super people. ‘Spiritual midwife’ Daria Streltsova claims that waterbirth was used in antiquity in order to provoke special abilities in children who were supposed to form the elite and to fulfill some special mission. "They have some special abilities, waterbabies... Waterbirth used to be practiced long ago — not for everybody, but for the babies who are supposed to know more than ordinary people­ like pharaohs ... " (Vol. 20, No.1 2002, Page: 14 15). Now that waterbirth has become ‘normal,' the shared (hospital) way of birth is automatically interpreted as a wrong way. Consequently, children born in a hospital are considered to be subnormal as opposed to ‘vodnye deti’ (waterbabies). We can extract from this that the dolphins have a sonic ability to reconnect the energies of the human body to the optimum blueprint of DNA structure and function, thereby raising the level of what it means to be human, as in Charkosvsky’s words, “to raise the evolution of humanity.”


To merge the natural with the supernatural, to accept that we don’t know everything, to allow the flow of nature to show its intelligence and work with it -  that is the goal of this book. I hope this journey will open your mind to the many ways in which we can become our greatest and highest self.

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