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Discover healing in methods that can tame the immensely

powerful waves within you to create a coherent mind, body, and spirit.

Through three revolutionary healing modalities, you will gain

access to your higher self, unleashing the power within; all designed to heal, restore, and set you free from past tense trauma, imbalances, or injuries -- as well as guide you to design your future as life should be lived. Become the best version of yourself.

www.SeaInside.co) is an exciting form of energy healing work combining Emotion Code/Body Code with Healy treatments. By identifying and correcting imbalances that can cause emotional and physical problems in people/animals, Quantum Physics can now be used to heal. 

Diane, a certified Body Code & Emotion Code practitioner, has years in private practice, spanning the globe, and mentoring students to heal. These sessions exponentially increase healing power 

through the utilization of Quantum Healing via the Healy system.

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You can consider taking the next step to harness your healing at home, completely in your control. You have two options to be guided in creating  the future you desire, by removing the blocks keeping that frequency from being your state of being.


GRACED is a future-based healing modality designed to bring in higher frequencies thereby creating a brighter, more focused, consciousness to you.

A SeaInside practitioner heals the past imbalances. This at-home, step-by-step healing guidance system includes: energy healing, supplement suggestions, bio-magnetic balancing, and more!



Together the past and future are in your control.