I believe the Body and Emotion Code is an incredibly sophisticated system of healing that clearly identifies and removes physical and emotional  pain and blocks FROM THE PAST that can keep you from abundance, creative energy, emotional balance, and a lightness of being. I believe this method works on debilitating illnesses, addictions, and more (extensive list on 'treatments available' page. 

I have a methodology that works very fast and efficiently, releasing double or triple the number of emotions/blocks standard BC/EC practitioners remove. 


For those wanting to improve their life by designing their future, I use a different modality called Graced.



is a fast, direct method of defining what you want and bringing that energy towards you.  

The process is based on the ancient healing teachings of the Sumerians, Assyrians, Native Americans, and Egyptians, fundamental concepts adapted to state of the art software. 


 Energy healing works deeper than psychotherapy and has fewer side effects than pharmacology.  It is a miraculously effective means of resolving a myriad of emotional and physical issues, removing the invisible hold of energetic imbalances that create debilitating challenges of chronic pain, fatigue, addictions, relationship issues, and more. 

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Film/photography/writing as an artform applied to teaching about energy healing, ancient healing, and science.


  • Some are poetic visuals, in two minutes, that expand on the mysteries of life.

  • Others are about treatment possibilities in-depth; background dimensions to know more about a affliction or imbalance. 

  • Still others are recordings of sessions so you can see what it is like.

  • Coming soon will be interviews of leading healers, scientists, and researchers.


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