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Wrinkles Are Emotions  trapped In Your Muscles
Body Code Removes Them

Many of you have experienced my work based on the removal of trapped emotions and imbalances that have blocked your ability to feel, function, and even move. Now, I have a discovery for you. Facial wrinkles have as their source, trapped emotions. My research into Chinese face reading, a 5,000-year-old skill only now being shared in the West, charts the meaning and age at which trauma was stored on your face.

Wrinkles often start with childhood traumas, then freeze the muscles, and through repetition of that feeling, whether anxiety, fear, anger, etc. the stressed face takes on a deformity in later life we call a wrinkle. Through an incredibly effective process, I have had amazing success in removing the deeply held emotions that manifest as wrinkles.
For a treatment, just book a normal Body Code session.

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