“My first session with Diane was a gift, and the trusted friend who gifted didn’t tell me anything about the modality, she only told me to hydrate and to be prepared to sleep afterwards. I’m no stranger to spiritual work and heave a bit of skepticism about remote spiritual work, and was so happy that Diane provided me with a really comprehensive session report. I needed to take a long nap after our first session—I was literally exhausted after Diane did her work on me from across the ocean, but learning more about this modality, one that unlocks hurt and trauma from my body had transformed my life. Diane will mention an age as she scans my body, and immediately I’ll know exactly what happened at 6 or 22 or 31 that made me feel emotions. I’ve learned that emotions I may have dismissed or not noticed at all, resurface as clear and painful memories. With the risk of sounding lazy, I also deeply appreciate how passive I’m able to be as Diane does her work. She is a true Godsend.” D. H.


I want to share the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Two weeks ago, I started reading the Body Code. After that  I started working with this incredible practitioner. Diane did an extensive body scan, and after that, I shared with her I was a smoker. I have smoked on and off over the years and have had periods of not smoking from being hypnotized. However, even with being hypnotized, I have always wanted to smoke.  If someone else has a cigarette, It would trigger my yearning to where I could not be near a smoker. Anyway, she went through my body scan and connected it to an emotion that was released, and that I  also had an obscure mineral deficiency. She advised me to take this mineral three times a day for three weeks. In seven days, I saw improvement. This is the most unbelievable powerful experience I have ever had. I am now at eight days, and at six days, I did not even want a cigarette. I laughed with Diane that even the enjoyment has gone. I don’t even want one. I used to like it. I would drive my car, smoking with the windows down. I have also been going through a lot of stress and grief of losing one of my parents only five weeks ago. This is remarkable, profound, deep, deep work. All of this was connected to emotion in my body and a mineral deficiency. I cannot support the work she does enough, and the work of the Body Code. Thank you, Diane. Tara S.


I really appreciated the support and sessions from Diane while managing my tumor, as well as some other health issues. We managed to get through so much in each session and it really helped to have gone through both the body and emotion code. My latest scan shows the tumor has shrunk by 30% so needless to say I am thrilled. Rebecca T


"I have had health issues for almost as long as I can remember. Above all, I have felt energy drained since being a teenager, having bowel troubles and later culminating in severe allergies, which led me to miss workdays just about every month or so. At one point an allergy attack decreased my natural defenses to the point of getting a pulmonary infection for 'no' reason. As a result of personal research, I came across the body/emotion code and looked for a practitioner who seemed credible and reasonably priced. From her website, Diane seems to have quite some experience, and I signed up for 4 sessions. In the end, I have had about 6-8 Skype sessions with Diane, which for her is

actually quite unusual. I have found her to be genuinely passionate about helping people. In terms of applying the body/emotion code, she is indeed extremely fast, I sometimes had trouble keeping up with her and I was only listening! Outside of that, in her interest to find connections between

the body/emotion code outcome, she involves her quite

extensive knowledge of the holistic health field and goes the extra mile in suggesting healing modalities. Finally, she is extremely flexible in her working hours, which as a full-time working mom was extremely helpful to me. On my journey with her, I heard many recognizable and not so recognizable things, but overall I always felt some sort of peace and complete trust in the process, knowing that 'The Universe' wants the best for us all, we just need to learn how to ask It to help us in our best interest!

For all your support and help, I am so very thankful.

Many blessings to you, may you help many people as you have helped me."

Angelique V.


"I have struggled with my weight for almost all my life and although I've had lots of success whilst on various diets, after a year or 2 of the normal stresses of life, I have put the weight back on and then some. I've had enough of this yo-yoing and want to lose the weight for good and keep it off in a natural way just like a slim person does in a natural way. Diane was recommended to me and when I met her via Skype, I just felt an easy connection with her.  During the body code work, a lot of stuff came up, which was very interesting and also made a lot of sense.  Since the sessions, I have felt more relaxed with a sense of 'lift'. I am far less

consumed about thinking about losing weight all the time but have found that I am losing weight none the less. All of my emotional eating has gone away and I've found that I've stopped snacking between meals and I finally don't feel like I

am missing out with the food choices I am making. In fact, I am eating more 'treat' foods than when I'm on a traditional diet and don't feel guilty about it, and still losing weight!I am a generally fit and active person anyway (I love football and Zumba and do 5 sessions a week of those) and with this weight loss that is happening without me thinking about it, my fitness is improving tremendously, enabling me to enjoy my sports even more! I am so happy! Thank you, Diane!"

Sia . S.


"I have to tell you how amazed I am with my progress! I can't believe this works. I've been walking around my house feeling in awe because I am not stiff or in pain anymore. This is so crazy! I'm almost not sure I'm dreaming. I have not felt like this

in so long I find it hard to grasp. I can start to live again. This is exciting. I can only imagine how I'm gonna feel after I'm completely cleared! I told my sister about you. And some other family members. I'm sure people are a bit skeptical but as I improve, and start doing more things I know that everyone will want to know my secret. It's been years of living in a prison. Now that I have the key...I just don't even know

where to start! Thank you so much! "

Erica R.


"Diane at Sea Inside gave me such incredible insight into my life by releasing negative emotions that were holding me back.  After our session, I felt lighter, like I could finally breathe easy. It was indescribable. I would definitely recommend it!"

Karen C.


"Your session perfectly aligned with each trauma in Cosmo's life; when someone died, left the house when we brought in new members of the family.. her trapped emotions matched her life’s chronology perfectly…

This was amazing!”

Alice A.


"It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about Sea Inside that makes it so special. Not only is Diane warm and kind, but the session was so comfortable. I didn't feel judged or nervous. Usually, I don't believe in this sort of thing, but after the emotion releasing session, I had a sense of calm I'd never experienced before. 100% impressed and will be doing more sessions in the future."

Jeff T.


"I felt locked in a cage emotionally for so much of my life because of my heart walls.   Diane’s professional and compassionate therapy has begun to release me from my past traumas. Her intuitive and thorough approach to my sessions is stripping the many heart walls from me like peeling an onion. I feel more ready and open to express my feelings now. I would certainly recommend Diane to others."

      Richard S.




"Cosmo, my dog,  won’t eat a thing now, I’m heartbroken, have to take her in to vet …"


"Cosmo started eating dog food on her own!  I cooked more in the last 2 days for her than I did for 17 at Thanksgiving!  Thank you so much!"

Alice A.


“I have had knee pain for 30 years. It kept me from traveling and I was on the verge of getting a cane. One hour with Diane and I stood up and the pain was gone. I would not believe it if it was anyone else.

She removed a block from a time over 30 years ago when

I could not find a  job and had two kids to care for.

Now I am free to walk again. I can't believe it.”

Martha P.


“Thank you for last night. As you said, my migraine would lift in 3 hours and it did!”




“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for our session the other day. It was really beautiful. I experienced such deep sleep and some heavy exhaustion in the couple days following, and then such a lightness and fluidity in my energy and how it moves through my body after that. I hope to book again with you soon, both for myself and my dog! “



“I feel more connected and balanced within myself as a result of working with Diane. Anyone looking for emotional and body code facilitator look no further I highly recommend Diane”

Jasmine G.



“I am feeling lighter and happier overall.”

Gene B.



“I can’t believe I can write again! My arthritis is gone!”

Carry S.


“Not only did the Body Code treatment give me a feeling of lightness, but the floral essence created a sense of calm that got me through the holidays, usually an


I contemplated suicide everyday and it was almost nonstop. I saw others suffer as I suffered but couldn't see a solution that resonated true in every fiber of my being. It is like, imagine a chair with three legs in a wobbly condition, the fourth leg is broken. You know it's on it's way out but want to make it work, so you come up with all sorts of ways to hang on while having carpenters work on it, but nothing works. The chair itself starts begging to be thrown out. You're left with 2 choices: Give up or give it your all for the last time. That's kind of where I was before I met Diane. Now the chair is good. Just needs a few tweaks because it had a bumpy ride. Instead of yelling at it that it is useless, I am telling it it is better and is getting better and will get better. Now it's getting polished and upgraded. Strengthened and the patches are being removed so that substance can be put in its place. SF


“Everything is so wonderful. I am thinking clearer and approaching and handling life with calmness and acceptance, rather than being overwhelmed easily in the past. In just three sessions my life has become much more manageable. I am booking additional sessions because healing is a priority to me, and my healing is benefiting all of those around me. I am finally able to keep structure daily and I am finally a reliable person. In the past, anxiety and being overwhelmed led me to cancel appointments and not come through with activities with my kids. But this has completely changed now! If my life has changed this much in three short sessions, then I am so excited now to look forward to what enormous changes can take place with more sessions!!!  Thank you so much Diane for helping me! “ D. P. 


“Aloha Diane! 

It worked!! We are pregnant! 

The joys of pregnancy! And we believe this energy healing has healed us in order to conceive! 

                              C. & W. H




“Thanks so much, I’m super excited 🤗!!!  Oh, I want to let you know that since you reminded me about my thyroid and hormones, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted and most of my deep depression just seemed to go away once I had an answer and solutions.   Thanks for all you 😘!!!!”





After both the intro session and the regular session, I noticed that I was pretty drained for the next 3-5 days.  

I was experiencing a sense of peace/calm as well.  I’ve had less anger and/or reactivity, especially towards my wife.  My anxiety/worry has been much better.  As of late, I’ve noticed some occasional anxiety...  maybe it’s something else... (my hands/feet Would get extremely cold —- sometimes clammy too)....   T.H.


I felt locked in a cage emotionally for so much of my life because of my heart walls. Diane’s professional and compassionate therapy has begun to release me from my past traumas. Her intuitive and thorough approach to my sessions is stripping the many heart walls from me like peeling an onion. I feel more ready and open to express my feelings now. I would certainly recommend Diane to others.

Richard S.


“Oh my, thank you so much, it was being like an abscess waiting to burst, the pain was hard to take, thankfully that
is now much less. it was about 10 past the hour when I felt it start to lift......bless you xx L.C.


“I have noticed Z’s mobility has improved so much. She runs with a lot more power than she has in a long time! Eager to book another for both of us soon. Thank you so much.-B.E.

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