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My hope is that people send me stories, examples, and videos of how they s find, see, or observe RAK. I hope this fills a new website of stories!

In one of my sessions, a person asked me, “How can I be perceived by others as a good kind person?”


I thought about it and it occurred to me that telling people you are a good person always backfires. Deeds speak louder than words, so doing good deeds is a start. However, if you tell people you did good deeds, like working at a soup kitchen for the homeless or starting a foundation, it comes off as bragging. Naming a foundation after yourself is another way to be seen as philanthropic. But that is just another way to shine a light on the self, by being seen as a generous giver. The feedback is a gift to self.


I decided the real energy behind being perceived as good is through my sort of religion, “Random Acts of Kindness”.  RAK works in a way that there is no expectation of a thank you, no way to trace the act back to a way of self-aggrandizement. There is not even a desire for a ‘thank you’. It just is. You almost must not fall into the trap of thinking you are a good person because you did this or that. 


When the act of helping others with not a single thought, reflection, or thank you becomes your way of being, the light from inside you will shine through your eyes. It will show that your level of consciousness is higher and THAT becomes the energy others see in you.  Kindness breeds Kindness. 


As an example: “A small wilted elderly lady was counting her pennies to buy chicken wings. We knew no matter how many times she counted them she would not have enough money. The cashier was sighing and rolling her eyes at the rest of us in line. I pretended to pick up a five-dollar bill from the floor and hand it to her saying, ‘You just dropped this’. The lady looked and said, ‘No, it’s not mine.’ I protested and said I just saw it fall. She looked shocked at the bill and slowly took it and handed it to the cashier, and got the change. She left mystified. “


The following video is guaranteed to touch your heart. Someone sent it to me and I have no claims on it, but it shows how powerful impulsive, random acts of kindness can affect another.


I hope you enjoy this! [click bottom right corner to enlarge]



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