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Take part in an amazing protocol to zap an issue with a cost effective method. 

At a specific time, during 5 consecutive days, you will receive a quantum treatment to address a specific issue. Choose your week, register, and then just find a quiet place to receive the frequencies. Treatments last one hour+ each day. 

The trial session was composed of 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks.Five participants

agreed to be open to receiving and meditating for a minimum of 6 minutes, even though the treatment was available for 55 minutes. Each week they were asked to rate their mental acuity on various points including focus, energy, mathematical/verbal skills, etc. 

Below are the results of a total per week of all dimensions of the questions. As you can see, major improvements in general were noticeable. 


Screenshot 2021-11-21 at 15.03.24.png


In November 2021, a trial experiment was given to a small group of volunteers. Three days a week for four weeks, treatments of the Brain Motivation Frequency (composed of a multitude of varied frequencies) were directed to them via the field (matrix/energy field/etc.) for 105 minutes. The minimum time commitment for meditative reception was 16 minutes, with the option to continue to the maximum of 105 minutes. Each week they contributed a questionnaire self-gauging their development. The below graph summarizes the weekly reports.

Below are some of the testimonials.