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30-Minute Session
Focused attention is given to the blocks and imbalances, in the highest priority, that are contributing to, if not causing, the issue at hand. 


Book weekly or bi-weekly sessions to address more complex issues.



These two evaluation scans highlight red flag issues that need attention. Both test how well your brain, spirit, heart, and body communicate and is the starting point for achieving health and wellness. Blocks to these communication pathways are often found to be the leading causes of chronic illness, addictions, and abundance issues (work, relationships, health, etc.). By identifying and removing the blocks and imbalances, you can more efficiently achieve healing. Below are the bullet points for each scan. 

Note: This is predominantly an evaluation. The remaining time will be used to treat the highest priority issues or anything else you feel is important. You will receive a detailed written report of findings and recommendations for after-care.  This is a 55-minute telephone/Skype appointment and may also be done via e-mail. 


This service is a complete evaluation of the body and etheric levels performed by proxy over the phone, or via email. This involves a medical medium understanding of the body and imbalances and illness. It may include one or multiple treatment sessions, depending on your package.

Through kinaesthetic testing, I will create an evaluation chart for:

  1. Energy Imbalances– Heart Walls, emotional, post-traumatic, allergy or intolerance, mental, offensive, negative cording (attachments) and addictive heart energy. I will also determine how well your immune system, lymphatic system, and hormone system is functioning in terms of percentages. Clear indications leading to the source of illness can then be surmised. I will also test how well your brain, spirit, heart, and body are communicating with each other in exacting percentages.

  2. Circuitry Imbalances– organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, meridians, and body systems (immune system, lymphatic system, nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, circulatory system, urinary system, skeletal system, muscular system, respiratory and reproductive system)

  3. Toxicity Imbalances– heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals, microbial, excesses, dental, and prions.

  4. Pathogen Imbalances– parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral, and mold.

  5. Structural Imbalances– bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs and glands.

  6. Nutrition & Lifestyle Imbalances– pH imbalance, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, magnetic field, malnutrition,  outside needs, sleep, and color deficiency.



Just as the Body/Emotion Code removes imbalances of illness, the process is used to address how the ravages of time via stress, toxins, injuries, illness, etc. have contributed to aging. We determine your Biological age per organ/system, identify hormone imbalances, stem cell, and mitochondria functioning, hair loss, skin aging, eyesight, etc. to then remove the blocks and imbalances that contributed to these degenerations. 

  1.  A reading of the mental attitude toward aging is taken and regularly reassessed.

  2.  Check the Biological age of the systems and organs to identify worn hot spots.

  3.  Evaluate the functioning level of stem cells, telomeres, IGH1, mitochondrial biogenesis, and function.. We then work to remove the blocks and imbalances keeping the low functioning elements blocking good health from functioning. 

  4. .Identify, evaluate and rebalance the hormones identified as the most troubled.

  5. Identify the foods, herbs, and nutrients most needed and to avoid.

  6. Balance the systems most affecting health and wellbeing. 




The following are protocols we can follow to address varied special concerns. These are booked by treatment sessions; single sessions or packages of 5, 10 or more.

  1. Lymph related issues

  2. Addiction issues

  3. Relationship issues

  4. Abundance issues (addressing financial, health, relationship, creativity, career, etc.)

  5. Fertility issues

  6. Disease issues

  7. Depression and Anxiety issues

  8. Chronic fatigue 

  9. Weight issues

  10. Youth giving treatment

F. EMAIL SESSIONS - excellent for translation issues, animals, or busy people. 

How It Works:

First, you give me a ‘mission statement’ of what you want worked on, for example, 

“I want to be free of my phobia of birds.”


“I want to have abundance in work, relationships, health or finances."

I will then work on your issue using both the Body Code and Emotion Code. 

You will then receive an email of the results. 

G. CHILDREN OR PETS - 15-minute session - For simple issues, a short session might be all you need.. 

H. FREE TRIAL - All this new to you? Ask questions, see, and experience the process.  For a free trial session, please write to me and we can arrange a 15-minute chat and release one or two emotions.

                                               Please contact me with questions:


                                          Email:  Skype: diane.pfister1