When we work together, I will address, in the highest priority, trapped emotions and imbalances found in the Body Code and the Emotion Code, and anywhere else I am directed to go. Heart walls, physical misalignments as well as energy imbalances are removed in the order they are most negatively impacting your health. The higher self knows the most appropriate order to do this.

Full disclosure, I work very fast, releasing double or triple the number of emotions standard BC/EC practitioners remove. If you are weaker or very ill, I can slow down. Regardless, the clients' higher self will never let me release more emotions than can be handled. After sessions, I will send a detailed evaluation report.


Below are the treatment options and prices.  If you click on an option, the window will open up package offers for multiple sessions at a discount. You might want to check those options out before deciding to  pay for a single session.

Please pay ONLY via link (not  





USA DOLLAR .                        UK STERLING POUND


          Skype: diane.pfister1   

You can log on and make as many changes to appointments as you like, up to 24 hrs before. Once in the 24-hr time frame before an appointment, apologies that no changes can be made on the system.

Payment is forfeited for a no show.

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