At the session, we will discuss your issue and be guided to what is most suitable for your healing. The treatment works on many different levels in one session: quantum healing, past trauma removal, and designing your future. Treatments include the following possibilities:

a. Body/Emotion Code Treatment addresses, blocks, traumas, fears and emotional, physical, and spiritual pain and imbalances.

b. Graced Treatment identifies the future you want and removes the blocks keeping you from manifesting it.

c. A Quantum Device is optionally used to scan for frequencies that are distorted, blocked, or missing in your body, mind, and spirit. The treatment works in the background while we work on other things, filling in, straighten out, and balancing the issues that have been prioritized. Also included is an Aura scan and an 18-page detailed report on the functioning of your chakras. See the quantum pages for more details.

Sessions are 40 - 55 minutes and are $125;£92;€115.

You may consider booking weekly sessions at a preferred time slot to ensure availability. Booking instructions below.




You have two options: 


1. Follow this  BOOKING link to set up an account and usa a credit card: 

2. Pay via the below PayPal links then hit the below link to'book now'. After setting up your account, choose the Prepaid/PayPal option at the bottom of the page. 

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For future reference, you might consider adding the above information to a contact page in your /phone computer for ease of booking. 

I hope we have a long and wonderful healing journey together!


quantum bootcamp

Each week there will be a different Quantum Bootcamp treatment. To book, payment is via PayPal. In the PayPal notes please  put your name, email address, and the week you want to book. Further instructions will be sent to you.

For more details see the Quantum Bootcamp page.


Price: $100; £75; €90