At any time you can interrupt the session to ask a question or ask for clarification.


  • if you want more detail on an issue but you fear it is something you do not want to openly discuss, you can ask ‘is the answer what I am thinking?', or was it 'Bob?', etc. You don't have to explain difficult issues.


  • The treatment will fluctuate between both the Body Code and Emotion Code. I ask with each removal to arrange in the highest priority first.


  • The Emotion Code is a chart of 60 emotions or names we have given to different frequencies, stored as mostly a trapped emotion, a heart wall, or an emotional resonance.


  • The Body Code is composed of over 400 possible sources for issues including misalignments, toxins, pathogens, body systems ( including, blocked acupuncture points, organs and glands), and ancestral impacts transferred via DNA distortions in one's family lineage. 

  •  I follow the instructions of your higher self. You might feel a wave of energy flush through your body as emotions are lifted from you. Some feel waves of the actual removed emotions as they leave.  It can result in you feeling lighter and more gentle. When blocked energy has released, the flow through you can connect body, mind, and soul in such a way that is new to you. It might remind you of the lightness of childhood. 

In addition to this amazing treatment, you may opt to include a quantum frequency scan and treatment concurrently. Here is more information about that: 




After a session, some find they are  tired and require more sleep. Some report a feeling of resonance with emotions as they are released. These feelings could last normally anywhere from  two to four days. Before ending, I will estimate how long the re-balancing process will require before taking on another session. For some issues, there will be no further treatment needed.  For others, like an onion, the removal of the top layer can lead  to the surfacing of more layers of emotions. This is a good sign that improvement is happening. Once you feel confident with the process, you may join many of my longstanding clients who have me work remotely for them. This entails sending me a test or email on what they want done, and I do the treatment and send them the results. For those busy, it works out well. 


I am honored to be able to successfully do this work and to help both people and animals find the joy meant for us all in this lifetime. Amongst many, my highlights include working with a seven-year-old girl, an eighty-year-old woman, and a forty-five-year-old elephant.  I am eternally grateful for the training and guidance provided by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the instructors at the Healers Library. My learning process has been a magical experience and one that has changed my life.