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What is Quantum Frequency Healing?

Quantum Frequency Healing addresses the bio-electrical aspects of health and wellness. Frequency is the term used to explain the rate at which all things vibrate. Cutting-edge technology matches frequencies of symptoms to support better health and uses the principles of quantum physics. A quantum sensor device called the *Healy© (a small medical device that analyzes your individual frequency) has been developed for the treatment of chronic pain, skeletal pain, and migraines as well as for the adjuvant therapy of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and associated sleep disorders.

The Healy© delivers customized specific frequency programs to promote bio-energetic balance, vitality, and overall well-being.


What conditions can Quantum Frequency Healing be used to treat?

The Healy© can be used to:

  • Help you achieve your athletic goals

• Bio-energetically support your inner and outer beauty

• Bio-energetically support your skin through special applications

• Promote your bioenergetic balance, vitality, and wellbeing

  • Promote the bioenergetic balance of your organs and balance disturbances in your energy field

  • Remove toxins from viruses, vaccines, and infections.


What happens during a Quantum Frequency Healing session?

The Healy© device is connected to software allowing you to follow along with on-screen share (Zoom or Skype) with a Healy© App installed. By creating an account of your biographic details, your image, and your personal signature frequency, the Healy can find information about you from the source (matrix, the field, etc.) through a scan. This picks up low, distorted, or missing frequencies in your field.  Like Swiss cheese holes, the treatment fills and repairs frequencies to create a more balanced energy field.  There are two ways The Healy interacts with your body:

  •   Remotely  In person:   

  •     In-person, we can add the electrodes to enhance the resonance treatment with micro-currents. Electrodes are worn on the wrist, ear clips, or adhesive electrodes. Micro-currents enhance the process by bringing the cell voltage back into the healthy (physiological) range. These currents are very low, in the range of a few microamperes.


In order to further enhance the positive effects of either application, it is recommended that you integrate the following routines into your everyday life:

  • To prepare for a session, drink at least one 32oz. of pure, healthy water in the morning and 16oz. in the afternoon (do not drink water 30 minutes before and after meals)

• If possible, release bioenergetic potential by earthing: walking barefoot outside for at least 15 minutes (this ensures natural electrical potential equalization)

• Exercise in fresh air to activate the energy flow

• Natural and balanced nutrition


    • What are the possible outcomes of a Quantum Frequency Healing session?

Outcomes can depend on several factors, but based on testimonials from all over the world, people are experiencing amazing results with Quantum Frequency Healing. Some examples are improved sleep and overall emotional and mental wellness.

( * Please note: The application of the systemic Healy© programs does not represent any treatment or therapy in the medical sense. It serves exclusively the bioenergetic support with the treatment of complaints and chronic illnesses as well as pain relief. It should improve some important physiological parameters which can contribute to an improved healing process. The use of the Healy© does not negate the correct diagnosis by a doctor or therapist. This should therefore always be sought first. Who is this type of healing suitable for? Quantum Frequency Healing is suitable for all adults, except for the following: • When metallic foreign bodies are in the area of treatment (metal rods or pins in wrists), or pacemakers/implanted defibrillators are present or bleeding, risk of bleeding or embolism are present • Treatments must not be performed on areas of the skin which have been treated radio-therapeutically or have a sensory disorder, or if the user has a fever • Not for use by pregnant women • Not for use by those with epilepsy • Too little data is available for the treatment of infants/small children)



Once you experience the benefits, you will most likely want to explore purchasing and training with your own Healy. Besides being a practitioner, I am an affiliate who can, if purchased through me,  train you on how to operate the software system.

Audio & Video Information
Healy's Effect on Blood Cells After Just a 1 Hour Program, -- 3 min. Video:                            

16 Years of Brain Scans:  


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