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For those who have experienced a long debilitating illness, chronic fatigue and/or pain, and just want to be released from the weight of this affliction, a complete Health Scan can be vital. You may submit for consideration any telltale issues you want explored in depth, as well as cover the list of issues below. Once the imbalances are identified,  treatment sessions remove the blocks, imbalances, and underlying reasons to start you on your journey to balanced health.


  1. Spiritual Layer

  2. Emotional Layer 

  3. Physical Layer 

  4. Mental 

  5. Chakras 

  6. Toxins 

  7. Nutrient

  8. Dehydration 

  9. Sleep

  10. Ph Imbalance 

  11. Misalignment

  12. Body System 

  13. Pathogen and Toxins

  14. Acupuncture Meridians

  15. NOTE: If there is something not covered you would like investigated please let me know. I can create specialised treatments to address your issues.

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