Masculine qualities tend to be those associated with the more right brain, yang side of our nature such as logical thinking, strength, and the ability to manifest action in the world. It is important that we can use these qualities in a way that still leaves space for more feminine qualities such as intuition, inspiration and creativity. The key here is to complement with a balanced foundation. 

Flower essence is not meant to deal with the specific symptoms of male issues (impotence, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia or erectile disfunction) but rather to create emotional balance and calm thinking - of primary importance before dealing with any specific problem. Flower essences can create that balance. The issues below can manifest from issues with stress, trauma, guilt, missing male or female mentor, low self-esteem and/or repression. Once balance is achieved, these issues can dissipate. 

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Blend 302: Sexual energy that is obsessive/compulsive

Blend 303: Erratic impulsive behaviour

Blend 304: Sexual disfunction

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