“Liberate your patient from one or multiple mood changes, and shown through this method of healing, and the patient will get better. . .during an illness the emotional state changes..anybody who watches carefully is able to perceive these changes often before—sometimes even a long time before— the appearance of the disease and thereby to prevent the appearance of complaints through early treatment.”

                                                                                                                                                                                  The Twelve Healers

                                                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Edward Bach

The use of flower essence has been found in medicinal records of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Chinese, Native Americans and Australian Aborigines. This belief that has spanned recorded time and place on this planet is that the dew captures the essence of the flower that had captured the sun energy and by collecting that liquid of the flower, one can transfer the unique energy frequency of the plant into the living body of mammals. 


It was Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s in England who revised this knowledge through his own insights into the workings of plants. He had established himself as a reputable scientist through his invention of a injectable plant based solution that cleansed the gut and eased arthritis and headaches beyond anything available. Yet he gave up this lucrative and cutting edge practice to pursue his real love; healing ‘the soul’ through flower essence. He related the emotional state of the person with the impact of disease. His method became heavily influenced by the newly developing theory of homeopathy. The relevance is to treat the cause not the symptoms of illness.

Dr. Bach says ‘disease and illness is a message from the soul to help us understand the need for change.’


Dr. Bach would study the flower and its plant base and note characteristics that matched human personalities. His first discovery was to understand the impatient person; aggressive, antagonistic, quick to temper. He thought to relate it to the Impatiens plant that would carry the same information and heal them to calm. This plant, not only in Latin name, but in aspects of tension in its physical form, trigger the homeopath thinking that ‘like cures like’. The plant,  physically straight and tall  had sharp shards of pods that explode forcefully the seeds to the ground. The angular leaves expose the flowers which are the balance; soft and delicate, so symbolic of the antidote needed. In addition, he was a sensitive who could put a leaf on his tongue and confirm his feeling of what emotion the plant could heal. The fundamental message is to understand how and why you get sick and learn how to heal yourself once balanced. 

Today, it is believed the flower essence changes the bio-energetic field of the patient to balance out the imbalances, to heal the emotional stance in order to allow the mind to heal the body. Bach Flower Essence is the mainstream company in Europe. I use these as well as other essences from Japan, Native American, and remedies from other parts of the world. New research is being spearheaded in Cuba, South America, Brazil and Venezuela.  


What is so eloquent about this process is that the right remedy suits the emotional needs of my client, no matter where the flower grows in the world.

My work is to help you achieve balance. Your work is to then, to heal yourself. 

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