GRACED.CO is based on setting goals with intention. Whether a student, public speaker, artist, musician, writer, entrepreneur, scientist, or athlete,  this auspicious starting point is the opposite end of the spectrum for most healing modalities.                             

In GRACED,  the goal is the starting point - to visualize in order to create the feeling of health and balance- thereby drawing that frequency toward you in order to expand and live in that state permanently. Instead of a shopping list of what is wrong, GRACED centers on creating a whirlwind of balance drawn in, like a vortex of energy, towards one, creating a state of perfection in the heart first, followed by the mind and body. Then the treatment searches to acknowledge what is distorting the flow of that clear pathway to one's goal.  Through a series of questions answered via muscle testing, the log jams, the distortions, the reasons for imbalances, what some might call disease, are disintegrated. The moments of disruption settle into a calm state of bliss and joy. You may experience this as a treatment. You can also learn the process by owning the software, allowing you to treat yourself, your family, and virtually any living thing on this planet. There is also a training program for those who want to apply this as a certification to run a healing business. 

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Film/photography/writing as an artform applied to teaching about energy healing, ancient healing, and science.


  • Some are poetic visuals, in two minutes, that expand on the mysteries of life.

  • Others are about treatment possibilities in-depth; background dimensions to know more about a affliction or imbalance. 

  • Still others are recordings of sessions so you can see what it is like.

  • Coming soon will be interviews of leading healers, scientists, and researchers.


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