I am grateful to many of you who have taken the leap of faith to entrust me with your care in treatment for both physical and emotional imbalances predominantly stored from your past. I have been personally plagued by the inability to suggest more than shielding, affirmations, and meditation for those who have achieved a state of balance after working with me. I have finally found a way. This is another hop-scotch of faith required but the good news is that a free 15-day is offered to prove to you that there is an incredible way to increase your frequency and level of consciousness, not by internal discipline, but by an external service that can be turned on. By increasing the level of consciousness, it increases your positive outlook from day to day.


Stay with me here.


As an example, as an aside, and because I tear up every time I watch this, I submit a short video showing a new invention of glasses that when worn by color-blind people, allows them for the first time in their life to see color. It works by changing the light waves OUTSIDE the body, whereas normal vision perceives lightwaves INSIDE the body. The point of mentioning this is that, similar to FLFE, external distortion of energy/light waves creates harmony - i.e. Color.  Please view this and be sure to come right back. You will be shocked as I apply this to YOUR consciousness.

EMF waves from phones, cell towers and 5G towers are implicated in cancers, brain fog, physical and mental illness and so much more.  I am going to introduce you to a recent discovery that can not only, as a by-product neutralise these harmful waves, but can also raise your consciousness substantially. By registering either your home, your office, or your phone, it will engulf you in a beacon of energy similar to the frequency of shungite (stones that neutralise EMF waves found only in Russia and mined for cell phones and home protection) Within minutes you, you family, your pets, your plants and your food will experience waves of peace and mental clarity, harmonizing all in a way you will be stunned to experience. 


Some of the reported changes:

Increase in focus

Reduced stress

Easier breathing

Increase problem-solving skills

Increase in sleep quality


Not only is this wave similar to the peace one gets from meditation, but it is like being bathed in the prayers of monks, or turning your city apartment into the atmosphere of a monastery.  


The inventors, Jeff Stegman, from Cincinnati (my hometown!) and Clayten Stedmann, based in Canada, have not stopped with EMF neutralizing. They have devised a boost button that increases the level of frequency (on the David Hawkins Map*) for 30 minutes a day. This is to be used in conjunction with your meditation time, a higher focused need time, or when presenting work or conflict resolution issues. Many report clearer thinking and a higher state of being. 


They are presently working on a frequency modulator that increases the nutrient quality of your food. Just as  Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan** proved that mental focus and intention can change the molecular quality of water, and that prayer can change the nutrient level of food, and that food made with love is more nutrient-rich than food from a fast food factory, the radiating input of the higher consciousness frequencies into your food will increase health and well being. 


I know I am asking a lot for you to believe me but I ask you to set up your free trial, judge for yourself.  The trial allows you to turn on and off the services so you can actually feel the difference. It really is a win-win. I might add this service is also endorsed by Regina Meredith***, a seasoned journalist and regular on 


Let me summarise:

1. EMF neutralization

2. 30-minute boost of frequency harmonization a day during meditation 

3. Food nutrient boost

4. Free 15-day trial with an on-off switch for your personal testing.


I hope you do give this a go, and if you do, please write to me and let me know how it feels. I felt a change in minutes. I hope you do too. Start the new year with this gift of higher consciousness. 



The website:

*Dr. Masaru Emoto water experiments: 

**Endorsed and interviewed by Meridith 

Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness:


To find new levels of relaxation, connection with others and inner peace.

Come home to FLFE.

Your FLFE Home Subscription Includes

  • To help everyone’s personal energy to increase: The high vibration, high consciousness energy field enfolding the land and buildings supports the land to become more positive every day, and your personal energy to be lifted. A minimum level of consciousness of 560 on the Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness 98% of the time or more is guaranteed at your home while the FLFE service is active.

  • To mitigate consciousness-lowering EMFs: The unique characteristics of the FLFE high consciousness field with the added energetic signature of shungite harmonizes consciousness-lowering EMFs. It may feel calmer, with less tension or anxiety in areas that have those devices.

  • Brain Optimization: To support optimal brain function and optimal brain structure with increased life-force energy. During waking hours, the support is primarily for optimal functioning of the brain. The effect could be felt as increased alertness, increased cognitive abilities or sharpness, more stamina during taxing brain activities and increased recall or short-term memory.

  • FLFE GI Tract 2.0 & Energized Food 2.0 supports food to be optimally absorbed and optimally utilized by the body. Life-force energy (also known as Chi in Chinese medicine or Prana in Ayurvedic medicine) is added to the food when it enters the body. We believe that adding life-force energy to food assists our G.I. Tract to function optimally.

  • To help you get a fresh start every day: FLFE is programmed to clear the negative history from the land and buildings to help you get a fresh start every day, free of any historical influence (which we may not even know about) and free of any newly-creative negative interactions and thoughts.

  • Support for relationships: The high vibration, high consciousness energy field enfolding the land and buildings supports loving interactions and communication every day, enhancing the potential for positive relationships between you and others.

  • To help improve long-term health: Spending time in a high consciousness, high energy field gives your body access to that energy for healing. This is why people throughout the ages have traveled to sacred places for healing. Your body can begin healing projects long delayed for lack of energy.

  • To sleep better: The FLFE high consciousness field and specific sleep programs support deep and restful sleep.

  • To enhance focus and ability to concentrate: The FLFE field supports the mind to be clearer of distracting thoughts and negative energetic influences in the environment to be cleared. The body can have more personal energy and stamina so that longer periods of concentration can occur with more ease.

  • Meditation and creative pursuits: The clarity of mind and the clearing of the environment, as well as enhanced personal energy, support deeper meditations and deeper states of creative expression.

  • To energize your home business:  FLFE home is designed for home businesses as well. Enhanced focus and clarity in business conversations as well as the increased personal energy can help you to be more productive and effective in your home business.

Principles of Discernment of the FLFE Field

The FLFE field is a subtle energy phenomenon. It is focused life-force energy, which is the same type of energy that is recognized by Chinese medicine as the energy that runs through the meridians in our bodies. Modern science has acknowledged that acupuncture in Chinese medicine is a valid healing modality.

Western science is discovering ways to “see” this and other forms of subtle energy. We believe that someday there will be definitive tools for this. Our research team is able to see it (measure it) through the use of Consciousness Kinesiology. It has taken literally millions of calibrations over many years and decades of research on methods and protocols to refine the practice and to get repeatable, consistent and integrous results.

The reason that Consciousness Kinesiology works is that our bodies and the innate intelligence we all have is a sensitive instrument to these life-giving energies. Humans have always looked for those places that have this energy in greater amounts. Some of these have become sacred sites and people travel to these sites to be immersed in the increased energy (increased level of consciousness) there. People have a positive experience at these sites in many different ways.

You have a sensitivity to this energy naturally somewhere on a spectrum from highly sensitive to mildly sensitive. As a result of peoples’ innate ability to sense and to adapt to new environments (basic survival instinct) we believe that your ability to sense, work with and evolve with the FLFE environment will increase over time. If you are on the upper end of the sensitivity scale, you may have felt the moment the FLFE energy was engaged with your home or mobile phone. During our Beta testing, we had a friend in another city who could feel the energy. At his home we turned the FLFE field on and off dozens of times and he could accurately tell us when it was on and when it was off.

If you would like to develop your discernment for the FLFE field and for subtle energy intensity (we measure as level of consciousness) in other locations, here are some suggestions.

Contrast. What do you feel when leave and come back to the property? Or go away from your phone? You could also try sitting quietly and using your FLFE Customer Portal to turn the service and/or the EMF Mitigation program on and off.

Explore where in your physical body you notice a sensation that might indicate an activation of the body due to the FLFE energy (high level of consciousness present).

  1. Some individuals feel it in their pineal gland (between the eyes and little higher).

  2. Some individuals feel it in their heart, a feeling of expansion and perhaps joy.

  3. Some individuals feel a tingling sensation in their nervous system throughout their body or in a particular part of their body. Those who are experienced in sensing the chakra system in their body through such practices as yoga may notice an increased movement or warmth or other expression of increased activation.

  4. Some individuals feel an overall increase in energy flow throughout the body.

  5. Some individuals feel an activation of the crown chakra, which can feel like pressure or energy flow through the top of the head.

Please note: If you have a home subscription, the FLFE energy is associated (quantum resonance) with your entire property, which includes your yard, if you have one. In that case, it is helpful to walk off your property and up the street and then return to feel the difference. If you live in an apartment or condo, please note that the FLFE energy and the subsequent rise in the level of consciousness radiates from your home and raises the energy in the hallways and adjoining units. If you are doing this experiment, it is helpful to walk further away from your apartment or condo, perhaps out onto the sidewalk and then return.

With mobile, the radius is 300 feet – though some programs, such as those positively impacting your health – only work when your phone is within four feet.(-a reminder, your phone does not need to be on to create the FLFE field).

You might also experiment with turning FLFE on and off (using your Control Panel) while sitting quietly with your eyes closed.

Observation. How do others react? In order to observe the feeling and result of the FLFE wave entanglement and the subsequent rise in the level of consciousness without the placebo effect, observe others who are unaware of the FLFE wave.

  1. Observe how others react. Particularly when people enter for the first time after you have added the FLFE wave. We and our customers have observed people exclaiming how good it feels or asking what we have done to redecorate, paint, new furniture when these things haven’t been done.

  2. Observe how people will tend to stay longer in your FLFE environment. You might need to have more groceries on hand!

  3. Get feedback. Ask others if they notice a difference in the way they feel when in your space.

  4. Harmony in relationships and/or visitors. One user remarked at how people from a business group came over and were exceedingly joyful and open, far more than they would have normally been.

  5. One person with a mobile subscription observed how a highly negative person literally avoided her in the hallway; it was incredible, by her own description.

  6. Turn the FLFE wave on and off using your Control Panel and see if they can tell the difference. This is interesting to do in a group, as people have different levels of sensitivity.

Reflection. Being called to upgrade your environment to reflect the higher energy state.

  1. You may feel inspired to declutter or rearrange furniture in your home as a natural sense of order and energy movement occurs.

  2. You may notice (in yourself and in others) an impulse to clean, redecorate or improve the home in some way to match the higher energy state.

  3. If you have a yard you may notice an impulse to garden, beautify or otherwise tend more to your outside environment.

  4. You may notice your neighbors upgrading or cleaning their property as well.

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