For those who want to commit to really life-altering change, there are five major protocols on offer. Once you decide on an issue you want to commit to resolving, we will work on a regular weekly schedule of 10 sessions. We will discuss your issues and I will tailor-design a treatment protocol. Obviously there is room to alter sessions times, but we aim to plan once a week sessions with clear goals and agendas. 

PRICE: One treatment protocol: $2,000. To book, please send an email to arrange a consultation appointment.



- wrinkles are a result of repeating a muscle contraction to the point where the stored emotions freeze that muscle into a tight position. By removing the trapped energy causing wrinkles the muscles relax and the wrinkle disappears.

- weight issues and the removal of the cause(s) leaving one crave- free and nutritionally balanced.

- includes an extensive health scan that defines imbalances, inflammation, and trapped energies and resolves those issues.

- includes an age-defying scan that pertains to aging issues, like telomere function, growth cell maintenance and other renewing and maintaining cellular functions.

- includes a complete scan of over eighty hormones to check if each is under or overactive, followed by a treatment to balance all  to healthy perfection.

- chronological age is compared to the biological age of body organs and systems followed by the removal of blocks and trapped energies that are aging each one. You can have a twenty-year-old spleen but a ninety-year-old liver. The goal is balance.


A clearly defined goal is a statement of how you want to experience your life.

- one may cover areas of abundance (financial, creative, career, health, family, etc.).

- family creation can cover marriage, having children, ease of pregnancy, etc.

- a specific health issue can be addressed.


The symptoms might be depression, anxiety, addiction, repeated bad habits. The removal is a process of identifying trapped emotions and imbalances.

-A  health scan to check for imbalanced organs and body systems

- includes a complete scan of over eighty hormones to check if each is under or overactive followed by a treatment to balance to healthy perfection.


- repairing the disconnect between parent and child.

- repairing the disconnect between mother and fetus, manifesting as morning sickness, miscarriage as a pattern, etc.

-stresses in a marriage or relationship, personal or professional.

- repairing and rebalancing the important relationship with self.


Being the greatest version of yourself means being in complete alignment with the network of communications with your higher self, your heart, your body, and your mind. 

- understanding your worth and believing you are worthy

- identifying and releasing the blocks from trauma and those inherited.

- building a real, honest relationship with the self in all capacities.

- creating alignment with abundance as you define it (career, financial, health, relationships, etc.)

 Notice: Depending on the extensiveness of imbalances there might be situations where even more sessions might have to be booked to complete all protocols. I do work incredibly fast and will make every effort to complete within the timeframe. 

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