what is the body code?


The Body Code and the Emotion Code process removes trapped emotions and misalignments that you have chosen (consciously, unconsciously, or symbolically) to store in your body. They become part of your daily life, creating the aches and pains of living, the emotional swings and unexplainable letdowns of missed opportunities and setbacks. My work is to release, one by one, the stored negative history of your life.  It's done with grace and ease.         

My patients have become highly energised and awakened people who just weeks before were ill and exhausted, some unable  to get out of bed, others unable to communicate with openness and/or had severe physical/mental issues. The changes are miraculous. 

    I release pain, morning sickness, relationship issues, physical issues, mental health issues, success blocks, weight issues, chronic fatigue, ADHD, PTSD, addictions, etc. I especially love to treat animals from cats to elephants and everything in-between. I  volunteer as a complementary therapist for a local animal rehoming center. I have had such fascinating experiences in this work, watching people and animals do better, feel better, and experiencing more energy. The overall wellbeing people experience has become such a welcomed inspiration to me. I have significant excitement about the future of this modality and such gratitude for being able to practice in this field.

Here's a fun presentation explaining what

 the Body Code and Emotion Code

is and how can it affect you!


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