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a personal session

Booking a personal session starts with a decision about your most pivotal issue. You don't have to decide now if you want a Body Code/Emotion Code or Graced treatment. They are interchangeable at the booking stage. We can talk about what is best when you start the session. If you have a preference, we will do what you want.

To Better Understand The Difference:

Would you say you feel there are traumas, physical challenges, past tense issues, or possibly ancestral reasons for this imbalance? In this case, a Body Code and Emotion Code session would be most suitable for your healing. Both work together to remove blocks, imbalances, and injuries of the body, mind, and soul. 


If instead, you feel you are more goal-orientated, where designing the future you want is more important, Graced treatments identify the frequency or feeling you need and we remove the block(s) that are keeping you from living in that state of being.


If the sense of balance is what you want, a Healy device reads what is missing or distorted in your energy field and rebalances that. The principles of this device are based on Tesla energy fields and the treatments provide a wide range of healing.

You may decide to have an in-depth session involving all three treatment dimensions. This is a 55-minute session and is more than the sum of its parts in terms of the depth of understanding possible and the healing gained.


I also offer an intensive program that is incredibly effective for deep healing or intensive raising of your level of consciousness. Weekly appointments are either Zoom meetings or can be remote sessions as the client determines.
Each week/every other week we do an in-depth treatment, including a Body Code/Emotion Code/ and/or Graced treatments (however deemed most useful at the time) and a Healy treatment of choice for 55 minutes each.
In addition, there can be three Healy treatments of whatever choice (aura, coaching, or resonance) outside of the session during that week.
Sessions may be shared with one other person; otherwise, they are not transferrable. It is 15% discounted.
Please contact me for more information.


a. Body Code and Emotion Code Treatments address blocks and traumas; both emotional, physical, and spiritual.

b. Graced Treatment identifies the future you want and removes the blocks keeping you from manifesting it.

c. A Quantum Device is used to scan for frequencies that are distorted, blocked, or missing in your body, mind, and spirit. Included is an Aura scan and an 18-page detailed report on the functioning of your chakras. 

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