Connection Prayer

1. Do I have permission from the higher self to treat any and all levels, memories, experiences and lives of you?


2.  May I integrate that GOAL STATEMENT  to ask the higher self to treat what is safe to rebalance, remove, restructure and clear as much as possible?


3. May we treat the origin of any distortions, imbalance or underlying reasons that  are contributing to blocking  this soul from living in the realm of this goal statement?


4. May we balance the chakras, energy systems, meridians, organs and networks of communication such that we can reach and treat the events, the memories, the ancestral impacts, the past lives, the pathogens, the toxins, and any other distortions that are blocking this soul from living in the now with this goal statement?


5. May we integrate that above goal statement as  balance into each and every system of the body, mind, and spirit?


6. May we reinforce this change as a present and newly established way of being? 


7, In order to create the highest level of this experience, will you choose the frequency/feeling that is most vital for us to unblock that will allow the flow of this goal statement to be the state of being,  present as the new normal in this lifetime?


8. Are there any stored emotional blocks keeping this from flowing freely now?

a. from an experience? Age? Who?

9. Are there any physical blocks that need to be dealt with to allow the flow?

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