I believe each person has an intelligence they use to develop skills and expression that enhance their life path. Too often, obstacles block and distort these gifts, keeping us from living in love, accomplishments, and balance. 


The process of healing I use involves guiding, illuminating and opening to accelerate the process, to make more of the time you have, to facilitate a wider, more expansive experience in this life.


Whether dealing with emotional or physical issues, I am trained and have worked hard to facilitate wellness in others for over ten years. I take my work very seriously and consider it a great privilege to navigate the path to freedom and creativity with you. Energy-based healing is about understanding the root cause, examining experiences that make us who we are and illuminating the motives, the dysfunctional beliefs, and the blocks that keep you from an unhindered life.


The topics to treat are open-ended. Emotional and mental issues, relationship difficulties, fertility, stress, anxiety, fear and feeling stuck or trapped -and many more can be successfully dealt with.

EMOTIONAL HEALING is a way to unleash a limiting belief system or a feeling of being trapped by the past. Sometimes, in just one session, a feeling of the log jam being removed leads to restored vitality, freedom and peace.

FINDING FULL POTENTIAL is a way to identify what is keeping you from achieving what you want. Your gifts are not being fully manifested and that that can be due to a stored fear, an issue of faith, or limits imposed by others. Finding your potential can be approached in many ways.

INNER-PERSONAL relationships have triggers from the past that may be hidden so deep you are not aware of their existence or impact. Resolving conflicts might be a case of removing these triggers to build more connected relationships.

CHILDREN respond very well and heal quickly because in most instances, they have fewer blocked emotions and crisis-driven experiences. Healing is noticeable in one session.


 PETS respond quickly to treatment, even trauma-based emotional and physical issues can be removed quickly and easily.


If you are motivated to create change and have faith in the divine power, then working with me is a way to open to the strength and power that is within you.

personal background

   I have been practicing both Body Code and Emotion Code for ten years, splitting my time between Los Angeles and London, UK.   I made this transition to valuing energy healing after a long and difficult dissolution from the allopathic (Western) medical system. I saw my older brothers suffer.  One had surgery to remove his gallbladder and spleen and was never the same. Another brother a medical doctor, had triple by-pass at age 50. I wondered how long it would be before my perfect health would falter. It happened, two weeks after having 4 small mercury fillings replaced in one day. It started with breathing difficulties, followed by an inability to get out of bed. The doctors said my thyroid was so bad, he could not see how I could even walk. My life became a downward spiral of no strength, weight gain, appetite loss, dizzy spells, and depression. Add to that my husband was diagnosed with delayed onset bi-polar and took medications that made him aggressive and distant. Then a brown recluse spider bit my seven-year-old daughter. Within hours she was fading in an I.C.U. with little hope of survival. When doctors said they could no more, I turned to the internet to find a remedy. And I did.  If it weren’t for the gallant efforts of Peter Big Foot, my daughter, and many more, would suffer the horrific consequences of spider venom - from amputations to death.  On the pleas of a hysterical mother calling at 3am, he drove two hours into town from the Apache reservation land to a Fed-X office at the airport to get me a Native American spider bite powder made by the same process for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  It cured my daughter in six hours. He charged me $16 all in. I swore there in the I.C.U. I would make it up to him somehow.  Through his generosity, decency, and philosophy, I learned a different way of living. I learned that these challenges in life are not the body turning against you, they are messages sent to teach you and when you learn the lesson, the imbalances leave. If instead, you ignore the message, you drug yourself into inattentiveness or worse, cut out the body part that was whispering to you, then they turn to shouts and something bothersome becomes something seriously wrong. You become less than in your life and farther from your purpose. This standing on the fence with going against my upbringing and thinking there has to be a better way coincided with the discovery of my family tree. I learned through an aunt that I was a descendent of Pocahontas. I knew we had some family photos on the wall of a woman who looked decidedly Native American, but this was a lineage I felt placed me in a field with something greater than myself. 

I applied for and received a research grant to document the work of Peter Big Foot at Reevis Farm, Arizona, a settlement dedicated to preserving the ancient medical remedies of Native Americans. This journey made me listen to the whisper that there is more to know, more to be, and most certainly, another way to heal myself as well as others. 

I read about many modalities of healing and first and foremost I felt the Body Code was the best for me at this time. I learned this and never looked back. I understand that for an emergency, like a broken leg, hospitals are the best, but for chronic illness, emotional issues, imbalances, addictions, infertility, etc. there are underlying reasons from the past that can be removed. In addition, Graced (www.graced.co) is a treatment modality that, once you have removed the issues from the past, getting you to ground zero, you can set your sights on the future point of balance and joy. Together, these two modalities strengthen and enliven your world.  

Consequently, I wrote a book, now on Amazon,  to share the experience of trauma and healing, to expose well-intentioned but misguided doctors who owe allegiance to big Pharma, but most importantly, to sing the praises of old souls like Peter Big Foot who devote their lives to retaining what is good, what is simple, and what is vital from our past. If this can save another child from this torturous affliction, it will be well worth it.  This journey led me to this life as a healer, far from anything I ever envisioned for myself. Working as a healer in the 21st century enables me to work remotely, anywhere there is WiFi.  I have helped men, women, children, dogs, cats, and even an elephant! I learned not to pay attention to the label of illness/imbalance. It does not matter. We can work together to remove what is the source of any affliction.

My book, SpiderBite, is a true story based on

my journey to find healing for my child. We traveled

to the Apache reservation in the Superstition

Mountains of Arizona where I  was the one who

found healing and an awakening. 

The second book I am writing is about my new healing protocol called Graced.. Click the link below to learn more. My life is a meshing of these three disciplines. They work well together to give me purpose and joy. Around this, I love and care for my almost grown daughter and my wild and crazy Border Collie.

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