I have been practicing body Code for ten years,  professionally for five years, Before that, I worked in psychotherapy using art.  The transition to thinking of the human body and soul as energy started before that.   I have combined this work with research that has now culminated in developing a new modality called Flow Chart Solutions.  My transition started fifteen years ago, when a brown recluse spider bit my seven-year-old daughter. The severity of the bite was discovered mid-flight from Kentucky to London, UK. Within hours she was fading in an I.C.U. with little hope of survival. If it weren’t for the gallant efforts of Peter Big Foot, my daughter, and many more, would suffer the horrific consequences of spider venom - from amputations to death.  On the pleas of a hysterical mother calling at 3am Mountain Time, he drove two hours into town from the Apache reservation land to a Fed-X office at the airport to get me a powder made for hundreds of years by Native Americans for spider bites.  It cured my daughter in six hours. He charged me $16 all in. I swore there in the I.C.U. I would make it up to him somehow.  

The 'somehow' became a research grant to document the work at Reevis Farm, Arizona. Consequently, I wrote this book to share the experience of trauma and healing, to expose well-intentioned but misguided doctors who owe allegiance to big Pharma, but most importantly, to sing the praises of old souls like Peter Big Foot who devote their lives to retaining what is good, what is simple and what is vital from our past. If this can save another child from this torturous affliction, it will be well worth it.  This journey led me to this life as a healer, far from anything I ever envisioned for myself. Working as a healer  in the 21st century enables me to work remotely, anywhere there is WiFi.  I have helped men, women, children, dogs, cats, and even an elephant! Conditions I have treated vary daily and I have learned it does not matter the label. I include in this broad spectrum: addictions, personality disorders, trauma, past lives, depression, physical pain, illness andmany more.

My book, SpiderBite, is a true story based on

my journey to find healing for my child. We traveled

to the Apache reservation in the Superstition

Mountains of Arizona where I  was the one who

found healing and an awakening. 

The second book I am writing is about my new healing protocol called Graced.. Click the link below to learn more. My life is a meshing of these three disciplines. They work well together to give me purpose and joy. Around this, I love and care for my almost grown daughter and my wild and crazy Border Collie.