I am a dual citizen of the UK and the USA. I am both a healer and painter, allowing me to explore many parts of the world. Working as a healer in the 21st century enables me to work remotely, anywhere there is WiFi.  I have helped men, women, children, dogs, cats, and even an elephant! Conditions I have treated vary, including addictions, personality disorders, trauma,

past lives, depression, physical pain, illness and

many more. I volunteer at a homeless shelter for

dogs where stored trauma is off the scales.

When not healing, I am a painter involved with

travel, grants, exhibitions, and commissions that

span all continents and a writer, finishing the last

details on a book soon to be announced. My life

is a meshing of these three disciplines. They work

well together to give me purpose and joy.

Around this, I love and care for my almost grown

daughter and my wild and crazy Border Collie. 


                                                              I  was also a studio artist and retain a                                                                    love of painting. Below are examples of 

                                                              different eras.



 In addition, I am a published author.

My book, SpiderBite, is a true story based

on my journey to find healing for my child

after a deadly poisonous spider bite.

We traveled to the Apache reservation

in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona

to find healing and awakening. 


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