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For those concerned certain systems seem to be aging faster than others, an Age Defying Scan checks the top systems affecting aging for being either underactive, overactive, or balanced. Treatment sessions then remove the blocks, imbalances, and underlying reasons for the imbalances. Some issues clear and balance in minutes. More complex issues might require several sessions to clear, depending on the severity of the imbalance and how long it has been allowed to fester.


  1. Nefarious Energies: Just as there are angels, there are energies that are parasitic and/or harm us. These are scanned and removed immediately.

  2. Spiritual Layer: This layer is where peace and communication with the various systems of the etheric body connect. It is the ‘highway’ network that allows you to follow your intentions.

  3. Emotional Layer: Sustaining a loving and nurturing relationship is paramount to fulfilment. The nurturing mode needs to be high for this to function.

  4. Chronological Age over Biological Age of each organs (12), glands (9), and systems ((Systems refers to Urinary, Skeletal, Muscular, Respiratory, Reproductive, Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Immune Lymphatic, and Nervous.)

  5. Check for state of balance of metabolism issues (40 check points of metabolic stress, inflammation, collagen/elastin production, nutrient deficiencies, etc.)

  6. Mental: Self-imposed and self-limiting beliefs impact productivity, creativity and mental flow. These can be inherited, even ancestral. These need to be balanced.

  7. Weight: Check for reasons causing any weight imbalances (i.e. toxins, emotions, metabolic stress, hormonal, etc.)

  8. Chakras: Pranic Energy needs to flow and be fresh. If the chakras are blocked, stagnant energy muddles the function and perception of these chakras.

  9. Toxins: Anything can be perceived as a toxin. By identifying what your body sees as dangerous, the avoidance of these can allow a sense of health to pervade, alleviating migraines, weight issues, skin, nails and hair condition, creativity and mental function.

  10. Nutrient: Identifying what is needed and what should be avoided is a strange and wondrous part of this work. Life changes can occur with mere drops of an element.

  11.  Dehydration: Being dehydrated is more than water consumption. Trace elements and emotional blocks and imbalances can affect the body’s ability to utilise water properly.

  12.  Sleep: We know the difference between restful sleep and just sleep. By removing the blocks and imbalances that keep sleep from being productive, restful quality sleep can become a regular occurrence.

  13.  PH Imbalance: Acidic and Alkaline systems create a host of imbalances. It is easy to reset and create an optimum PH.

  14. Misalignment: Physical misalignments can be caused by impact, both physical and emotional. Intention is powerful to alignment.

  15. Body System: The intricacies of the body systems are extensive contain many of the reasons for ill-health, blocks to gaining what we need and want and how we feel.

  16. Pathogen and Toxins: The body can react to anything and label it a toxin. A toxin can lead to migraines, addictions, weight issues, emotional issues, creativity blocks, etc. Pathogens can be alive and present, on the spiritual plane, and/or a memory from a previous infection. All contribute to a state of unwellness and need to be identified and removed.

  17. Acupuncture Meridians: Blocks to these 361 known points on the body can have incredible impacts on emotions, health, creativity, mental balance, etc. 

  18. Specialized Treatment: At the end of this document is a list of extensive specialised treatment that addresses in-depth special issues. I am always creating new ways to treat an issue so speak to me if there is something you would like to work on. The impact is miraculous.

  19. NOTE: If there is something not covered you would like investigated please let me know. I can create specialised treatments to address your issues.

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